Immigration & Relocation Advisors



Assistance to obtain residence visa and work permits.


Assistance to find a home, school, insurances and general orientation.


Search and evaluation of national and foreign candidates.


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Foreigner In Chile provides Relocation Services to expats coming to live in Santiago de Chile as well as assistance to those who are already living in the country.

We are a company formed by proactive and energetic professionals with extensive experience. All our staff have lived somewhere abroad, so we understand what you feel and your need to move to a new country. You're not alone, even when the service is complete, you can count on our guidance, advice and help.

We are not realtors or a moving company, which gives us the freedom to work with all suppliers, we receive no commission or incentives of any kind and thus can ensure getting the best deals on the market.

Find below the details of our services and their descriptions. Each of them is independent; choose only the ones you require.


We provide assistance for the following Visa and Work Permit types:

Residence Visa and national identification card (RUN)

(Temporary, Permanent or Visa renovations)

  • Abroad: Pre-arrival interview via Skype in order review the current situation, sending process details via e-mail and clarification of documents that must be obtained in the country of origin or country of residence and how to legalize them.
  • Once in Chile: Authenticate documents at the Foreign Relations Ministry, perform affidavits before a public notary, complete application forms and and mail them to the appropriate authorities.
  • For consular visas, application via SAC system, where is available.
  • Obtain certificates for permanent residence.
  • Permanent work permit application.
  • Process follow up until Visa application is approved.
  • International Police registration.
  • Procurement of Chilean ID card (RUN)


Procurement of Work Visa as Tourist

While waiting for the work permit included as part of the visa process, which can take between 30 and 45 working days approximately, we can obtain a renewable permit to work as a tourist which lasts 30 days and allows the client to start working immediately.

Business or Tourism Visa to other countries*

A foreign Visa application to tertiary countries.

  • Procurement of Visas to other countries for foreigners living in Chile. (Only when third parties assistance is allowed).
  • Visa application (filling-out forms, document presentation, etc.)
  • Process follow-up until the application is approved.


Drivers License

Assistance to get Chilean Drivers license (requires Chilean ID card and car to take the tests).

  • Test materials and accompanying the client to the transit office to schedule and take the tests.



Service designed for foreigners on their first trip to Santiago de Chile, who wish to gain an overview and perspective on their new assignment in Chile will be.

The service includes information about:

  • Immigration Visa process, ID cards and driver's license (Basic).
  • Information and tour around areas to live, housing types and their market prices.
  • Types of schools and universities
  • Social and cultural life, safety and adaptation process.


  • Explanation of the transport system (metro, buses, taxis, cars)
  • Operation of supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, gyms, etc.
  • Operation of hospitals, clinics and emergency care.
  • Operation of banks and other service providers.
Home Search

Taking into account needs and requirements, according to previous interviews.


  • Proposal of alternatives with pictures and expense details. (The quantity of choices will depend of the real estate market situation and of the complexity of requirements).
  • Joint visits to the proposed alternatives. (Up to 8 properties per day).
  • Assistance reviewing purchase or rental contracts and negotiations.


  • Accompanying the customer when signing the contract, explanation of all contract clauses and how to proceed to make the rental and bill payments.
  • Inventory check.
  • Lease contract revision and signature supervision.
Home assistance

Hiring cable TV, Internet services, phone service and subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

  • Sending the necessary documentation and contracting the services on behalf of the client.
  • Coordination of all installations.
  • Presence at the installation day (1/2 day)
School Search

Search and selection of daycare, pre-school and schools, according to specific requirements.


  • Search and proposal of alternatives for educational institutions, with details of expenses according to requirements.
  • Accompany the client to the first interview at the institution.


  • Assistance in the collection of documents and registration process.
  • Legalization of international documents in Chile.

  • Tour of the area around the new home and/or work
  • Explanation of the public transport system (metro, buses, taxies, etc)
  • Information and tour concerning supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, cafes, parks, health clubs, hairdressers and spas nearest to you.
  • Information about Health Insurance, Hospitals, Clinics and Emergency Attention
  • Information regarding Churches.
  • Explanation about “How to Survive in Santiago de Chile”: Safety, customs, emergencies, etc.
Leaving Chile Services

We assist in all formalities prior to the clients return to their home country, or their next destination.

Pets Relocation

Relocation of cats, dogs and ferrets (Only pets, not animals for sale).




Foreigner In Chile provides Head Hunting services of search and evaluation of national and foreign candidates.

Head Hunting in Chile

Search and evaluation of national candidates.

The service includes:

  • Define profile of the position (responsibilities, scope and impact of the role within the business, organizational culture, sub culture department, total reward).
  • Job search structure definition.
  • Curriculums filter in its first stage.
  • Beginning of preliminary interviews to define long list.
  • Definition of Long List (Long List is sent to client prior to interviews).


  • Delivery of reports for interviews with clients of suitable candidates.
  • Final meeting with client to know their decision regarding the adequate candidate.
  • Send offer letter to candidate.
  • Process closure.

A complete study will be carried out on how the local culture differs from the culture and the psychological profile of the expatriate in order to carry out a cross-cultural coaching that allows him / her to adapt to the local culture and to the environment of the company.

The service includes:

  • Study of job profile and candidates.
  • Psychological and adaptive evaluation of candidates.


  • Comparison of living conditions in country of origin and Chile.
  • Cross-cultural coaching.


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